Stay safe and healthy!

* UPDATE: 28 February 2022 *



We want you to feel assured that your stay at Arden House will be a safe and healthy one.  Please read our FAQs which we hope will answer any questions you may have before booking your stay with us.

Booking & Arrival

Q: Do you accept contactless payment? 

A: We would ideally prefer that guests pay for their stay in advance – this can be done via your online travel agent, by BACS or by phone using most major credit/debit cards. Guests wishing to pay on arrival can do so by cash (correct sum only) or card payment. Our card machine does not offer contactless payment but the hand-held terminal will be sanitized before and after each use. 

Q: Do you ensure contactless check-in/check-out?

A: Yes, as long as payment has been made in advance of arrival, we can issue you with a door entry code and instructions on how to locate your bedroom, so you do not need to meet your hosts unless you wish to.

Q: Do I need to wear a mask in your property?

A: Masks are no longer required, but we encourage our guests to consider the safety of themselves and our team and not to spend too long congregating in public areas.  You may still find us wearing our masks when we greet and serve you and we fully respect those guests who wish to continue to wear one for their own peace of mind.   

Q: Do you provide hand-sanitizer?

A: Yes, hand-sanitizer is available on our Reception desk immediately inside the front door, and we encourage you to use this upon entry and exit.



Q: Are the rooms left vacant for a minimum period of time after a guest checks out?

A: Yes, we aim to allow 24 hours to elapse between guest departures and arrivals in the same room. Where this is not possible, we may offer guests the choice of a different room of the same standard.  Please be assured, though, that all rooms are aired and sanitized between stays.

Q: Is there an option for no in-room housekeeping during a guest's stay?

A: Rooms are usually serviced daily, but you can opt for no in-room housekeeping during your stay if you prefer.

Q: Do you allow fresh air to enter the rooms by leaving the windows open between departures and arrivals?

A: Yes, rooms are always aired between each stay.

Q: Does the housekeeping team wear appropriate personal protective equipment?

A: No longer required but we may do if we feel its in the interests of our own health and that of our guests. 

Q: Do you sanitize the common areas?

A: Yes 

Q: Do you thoroughly clean the bedrooms?

A: Yes, we have enhanced cleaning procedures in place for guest bedrooms, including disinfecting all touch-points (light switches, door handles, TV remote controls, etc) 



Q: Will you be serving cooked breakfast?

We are now serving our full breakfast menu although we'll continue to limit the number of continental buffet-style dishes for now. As an alternative, guests will be able to choose from a range of options on our packed breakfast-to-go menu (see "OUR BREAKFAST" page).

Q: Is furniture in the breakfast room arranged to allow more space for distancing?

A: This is not currently a legal requirement, but we will continue to socially distance our diners as far as possible. 

Q: Is Arden House operating at a reduced capacity?

A: We are currently letting a maximum of 6 bedrooms UNLESS all guests are from one group in which case we can offer up to 7 bedrooms.

Q: Have you altered check-in / check-out hours to allow more time between departures and arrivals?

A: Due to our extended housekeeping schedule we are unable to offer early check-in at present, and we ask guests to respect our check-out time of 10:00 am. We request that guests give us a minimum of one hour’s notice of their planned arrival time in order that we can ensure all public areas have been sanitized immediately prior to their arrival.  NOTE: if you simply need to drop bags off prior to our 3:00 pm check-in, we are happy to accommodate this where possible.


Q: Do you provide medical kits (masks, gloves and sanitizer) to the guests?

A: No, guests should bring with them any protective supplies which are required for their personal safety and protection, or as required to comply with government guidelines.

Q: Are there hand sanitizing stations throughout the property?

A: Yes, hand sanitizer for visitors’ use is supplied in the Reception area, Breakfast room, and in each of the shared WCs.

Q: Do you have signage in the building to remind guests to maintain social distancing protocols?

A: No

Q: Are unnecessary items removed from guest rooms, such as decorative pillows, throws, paper notepads, etc?

A: Yes, as far as possible – we still want our rooms to be welcoming and comfortable, which means that soft furnishings are washed regularly between stays. However, we’re happy to remove anything our guests don’t wish to have in their room.

Q: Are linens and towels washed in accordance with official guidelines?

A: Yes. All linens and towels are washed in-house, giving us absolute control over the laundry process. Laundry disinfectant is added to each wash, and – once dried – all items are pressed at a high temperature to ensure they are clean and disinfected.

Q: Is dirty linen bagged in the guest room to eliminate excess contact while being transported to the laundry facility?

A: Yes

Food & Beverage Service

Q: Do you offer pre-made packed meals to guests?

A: Yes, we offer packed breakfasts and lunches. 

Q: Do you offer single-serve options instead of buffets for breakfast?

A: Yes.  This means that the continental-style buffet will continue to be limited until we are satisfied there are no associated risks with this.

Q: Do you offer contactless delivery for in-room dining?

A: Yes, packed breakfasts and lunches can be delivered to your bedroom door, or collected from cool bags in our Reception area.

Protocols & Certifications

Q: What is your Food Hygiene rating?

A: We are currently 5* rated by the Food Standards Agency – the maximum rating for the UK hospitality industry.

Q: Does your team practice social distancing guidelines?

A: Yes

Q: Has Arden House closed during the pandemic?

A: No, we have remained open in order to host essential workers and others permitted to stay. This has given us the benefit of working out a safe set of procedures for when we start to welcome guests in greater numbers. 

Q: Do you require any certification from your guests?

A: No, and with the cessation of the NHS Check & Trace procedure there's nothing for our guests to do prior to their stay or on arrival.

However, our guests have shown great consideration during the last couple of years, and we respectfully ask ALL visitors  to use a common sense approach, and not to visit us if suffering from a transmisable disease, or if unwell to the extent that they might require emergency medical assistance during their stay.